Hi, Mel.

by akishchuk

I really do mean fault, as in fault-cause-prejudice, the wonderful trilogy that had been so embedded on our brains that if, god forbid, we were to develop Alzheimer’s it would be one of the last things to be erased from our memories.

You made me promise, while under the influence of a much to strong margarita, that I would start this blog when I got back from vacationing with you in New York city. My prejudice will be the extreme anxiety brought forth by the idea of anyone stumbling upon to this blog and the humiliation I will feel when reading back all the nonsense that will be poured onto these pages.

For instance, since we so like (and need) to vent, I currently want to tell you how utterly annoyed I got at a conditioner bottle this morning. You see, it was doing that annoying thing where all the air comes out, leaving behind conditioner that will under no circumstances be squeezed out. It is one of my all too many pets peeves. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen as often as other annoyances, like being stuck behind people that walk to slowly.
And now you see, I have just spent the last 10 minutes making damn sure my first world conditioner problem will not show up on a Facebook newsfeed. I personally find my day to day life quite gripping, but I am not so conceited as to believe others will. However, the permission to go on and on about mundane and utterly unexceptional events is, in my opinion, one the greater perks of friendship. You will be required to do a little more than the usual companion, as compensation for the damages caused by the birth of this blog.

I will however admit that it is reassuring that you should be the main recipient of my thoughts. You with your open and never judging mind should hopefully make it easier (though I do say this having been unable to click the “publish post” button for the last hour). Ah well, here it goes.