Law-Student Glazed Novel-Addict

by akishchuk

For the base:

1 Kindle, charged

Too many words

Not enough time

1 supportive family, a little over room temperature

1 cup fear of stuffs under water

1 tbsp. motherly instinct, boiled until bubbly

3 tsp. silly sense of humour

2 tsp. annoyingly loud laugh

2 tsp. cry baby

1 tsp. aspiring writer

Add amazing friends to taste

Let the Kindle charge overnight and make sure the wireless is turned off for extra battery life. In a large bowl, mix family, silly sense of humour and annoyingly loud laugh, preferably while performing a personal contemporary dance creation. Add cry baby and aspiring writer gradually and finish off with some of the best companions you’ll ever meet (Tip : the more the better)

For the glaze:

4 cups binge drinking

1 million highlighters

1 tbsp. outrage

2 tbsp. boredom

Mix in a large pot over a fire of court cases you will never read again until almost unbearably heavy. Glaze base lightly and let cool for two years or however long it takes you to get over the traumatizing experience of learning the law.