Dear Mel,

by akishchuk

This blog is your fault and it’s driving me crazy.

But more importantly you are soon to be leaving on what might just be (I’m pretty sure it will be) the journey of your life.

(Leaving me here alone for Bar school, but we will get to that.)

Before you go, there is some wisdom, silliness and love that I must share with you.


New York with you will always be a second home.

I like to reminisce on our Say yes to the Dress marathon in the Hotel Radisson’s gym.

Imodium is a lifesaver.

Our letters from Hogwarts got lost in the mail.

On a related note, should we try corresponding by owl while you are gone?

The marijuana is very strong in Amsterdam.

You are one of the best, most devoted friends anyone could ever wish for.

I realized this week that, to this day, I cannot wear grey pants with a blue shirt. #toomuchchapters #dontknowhowyoudidit

We started a book club at the beginning of the summer, but haven’t read one book together yet. That’s got to be some sort of record.

Remember to never buy tickets for shows on the canal near my parents’ house.

Does your mom make tzatziki?

I am just a Skype call away for all your venting needs (and all the wonderful stuff too).

I am not mentally ready for the Bar.

My shoes are still bloody from our night on the town that ended with the longest walk of life.

They say what people mean the most if always what comes after “but”. So, be careful, but have fun.

Here come the tears, time for me to go.

I will wait for you at Second cup.