A fight worth fighting

Last week an article I wrote about the taboo that is mental health was published. “Practice what you preach” is the only way I believe life should be lived, so amongst other things I discussed my own mental health issues and the fact that I see a shrink.

It was nerve racking for the usual reasons ; the fear of upsetting those we love, the fear of being treated differently, the stress of wondering how colleagues and especially my boss would react and the general discomfort of letting loads of people in on your personal life.

But it was emotional for another reason : applying to be a member of the bar (which I will be doing in july) requires disclosing such information.

I understand why they do it. A lawyer’s job can be extremely high pressure and such verifications are necessary to protect the public.

Still, it so, so, so so so doesn’t help with the taboo. I considered lying until I decided to send my article in for publishing after I got really irritated at a blogger who stated that “some people chose to see things the negative way”.

While all of this goes through my head, however, the response to my article is overwhelmingly heartwarming. I am actually getting thanked.  It makes me especially happy to see people from the law community agreeing with me.

So I guess my point is, as much as I toss and turn and night wondering what the bar will do with an aspiring lawyer who needs to talk about her boyfriend problems and self-esteem issues with a nice a lady that doesn’t judge and got a Ph.D. to know exactly what to say and at the same time getting really annoyed that I even have to tell them, it is 100% worth it and I’m not going to stop.